November 27, 2007


To paraphrase FEAR, new metal's alright if you like saxophones: Yakuza with Ken Vandermark c. 2002.

and, other local boys noize:

Cave, who I saw play their record release last night at the Bottle are going on tour all over this great nation this coming month. It's a dude or two from Mahjonng and some weirdo Co-MO kids and local enigma Rotten Milk singing. ( I saw him this summer, walking down 18th street wearing some sort of animal blouse and what looked like ladies slacks out of the Newport News catalog (bright pink floral print, high waisted linen psuedo jeans), his stride confident and eager, his long red hair puff like ctton candy in the wind, seemingly oblivious to the tween girl mocking him from the corner.) Liz's preview in the Reader is apt re the secret Steve Miller space vibes, but given the rainbo decor of their page and that the record is called "Jamz", you really think it's going to be one thing, but live, it was another. Think poor girl's Battles, except one dude thinks he's in Hawkwind, and Rotten Milk is kind of like:
<img alt=
Randee of the Redwoods +
non-scary Al Jourgenson
via Dan Deacon's butthole.

Which is scary, but just unsettling scary. Not brainstain scary. You might like them! They are more of a party band than the recording would have you believe.

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