November 25, 2007


Via Peter, it's bon-bon-plus week for Peter Brotzmann fans. Bracketing the 10th anniv. show at MCA with the Chicago Tentet (god bless, I'ma see you there), theres a slew of shows, showcasing locals, the Swede giants and free-jazzers that'll buckle your world, beginning with the Thing feat. Ken Vandermark and a Brotzmann/Lonberg-Holm duo at Hideout on Weds.--which is real oh-fuck of a way to kick things off.

Secondly, Radioclit whose podcasts are better than most, are producing a Esau Mwamwaya full-length for 08, which I'm exceedingly psyched about; "Tengazako" is a reversion of M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" that'll make you forget how truly bad her live show was last week. Thirdly, re: Cool Kids set at the House of Blues show--what was up with the DJ? I understand that when you use Serrato, you can cue things visually, and you can program an entire set, and rap along as you see fit--but the dude didn't use headphones, scratched intermittently, and spent most of the time adjusting what from our second-floor seats was a volume knob and every couple songs, the crossfader. I'm not bummed or anything--showbiz is as showbiz does--but if he's going to pretend to DJ, he should at least put on headphones and you know, pretend better. I know it's unseemly to "hate", esp to hate local, but honest, I'm not. I like Cool Kids live--better than on the internet--and also like that they wear their pants low and tight (strange), and their sweatshirts grandpa/pro shop.

And best of all: a brother and sister zydeco dancing in their kitchen.

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