November 23, 2007


I wrote a review of thew new albums from Celebration and Dragons of Zynth and the Chicago Reader published it. Celebration plays tonight at the Bottle.

addenduh: It seems that some people inside the internet and the comments zone of the Reader have mistook what I wrote in particular about Celebration--that I am being sexist towards Katrina by not giving her credit (though I do), and that I don't criticize DOZ as harshly because they are black. Thats actually a pretty funny accusation--that I'm PC enough to not be racist, but not quite PC enough to as not be sexist . Though it would be racist (and not PC at all) to not hold black musicians to the same standards as white musicians.

To be clear I think Celebration have all kinds of good ideas, I think Sitek's production saddles the work of every band he's worked with, for better or worse--and in Celebrations case--it's for the worse. I am less critical of Dragons of Zynth because they made a record that I like more, and it really goes somewhere.

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