November 20, 2007


There have been all kinds of things lately I made narely a mention of. But that's not important.
This is: St. Louis--the gateway to the midwest! That town, personal consensus sez: still a shithole, but that's where my baby be. Finally found food that was not alive with gravy pleasure--a thai resturant! Between that and hitting the mall to see a megaplexxed movie and a bike ride, I have stuff to do there now. Which is almost exciting.
Also note the giant black UFO flying thru the arch.

Some people might be pissed if you take a picture of them when they are choking. I knew he was gonna be ok, so whats the big deal?

Kate came back from Europe just in time for us to go see the grunge show.

A good old friend from the bad old days now plays in Puddle of Mudd, and nach, we had to go--I never miss an oppurtunity to see how the other half lives. And by the other half, I mean the people sitting in front of us in the booth--a tanked woman and her boss who were obviously having an affair, old twins who loved grunge and a woman who seemed to be guarding her dippin sauce for her hot wings, like we were going to steal it. We almost did, just to prove her right.

Then there was New York, where Jane does her ponytails and I did a reading--

and my sister and I went to the cinema for a cowboy flick.

I got home and guess who else is home from abroad? Forever young, it's Al Burian. We are talking about doing a reading tour the first week of March, out to New England and there abouts. If you have a book store or a library or a bitchin' collective in your power and would like to have us read, holler. Secondly, Al has a new book about to come out! It's been a dogs age, hasn't it?

Then, over the weekend, Kells and I hit up a furrie convention out by the mall.
We paid the fees and got our name tags, which listed our imaginary furry names. Kells was "Chuckles", I was "Brownie"--named for my neighbors new puppy. "Brownie? You might as well of just named yourself "Butthole"," said Kells. I guess I'll just have to save that idea for next year. Neither of us got assignments to cover it but the organizers knew Kells was "the media" and some lady in a funfur tail working security went boob-to-boob with her at registration saying if we so much pulled out a camera we'd be escorted out. Which meant we were followed all afternoon by fur-fan security. Fortunately, the whole experience was such a mindfucking brainstain I doubt I'll ever forget it.

Though, there is this: I managed to get a shot of this person dressed as a lion dressed a centurion on the way in.

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