November 14, 2007


Just like in the pig's story, home again home again jiggity jog. Good to be back in a city where the babies dress like babies. The other best part is coming over the inky lake at night and suddenly you can see exactly where Chicago begins and ends by the lay of the amber street lights.

I was listening to the new Gucci Mane single, "Freaky Gurl" in order to write about it this morning, which is mostly a song about getting blowjobs, but also, he talks about riding around with his hand out the limo window so as to impress the ladies and the kids. Imagine how insecure you'd have to be to be trying impress little kids with your jewelry? Gucci Mane is playing at a country & western line dancing bar in Waukegan on the 23rd, in case yr wondering.

Goodnight, you dazzled-by-diamonds kiddos, and good night all.

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