November 11, 2007


I thought today on the way here, for what I think, if my count is right, is my 26th time in NY, about what Nelsen Algren once wrote about how loving Chicago is like loving a woman with a broken nose. I think loving New York is like being in love with your pimp.

My baby sis lives on the other side of the block from where I am staying. I feel xtra protective of her with in her newish NY confines-- as in do not bite my sister, or I will up n' kill you kind of feelings. I also want to buy her every apple in all of the Whole Foods, though it is evident that she is much tougher than I to even endeavor living out of the middle western climbs and makes a better living than I do. I asked her if she is getting enough to eat, and wished perhaps I could stay and just cook her dinners when she gets home from work for a week or two, to make sure. We discussed how my okie feelings never stray when I am here; like when I look through a copy of Vogue and wonder who would actually wear those Prada kneesocks with no toes in them and then you walk around NYC and ouila, toeless sock model mobs a-bustle! I spent half the Kara Walker exhibit point out peoples shoes to my sister and going "whoa...". I still dress first and foremost for frostbite prevention and wear my keys on the outside of my pants, which, at this advanced age of 31 means I'm hoosier-fer-life and there's nothing to be done about it; I'ma regular fucking Green Acres over here.

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