November 09, 2007


I have been obsessed with Randy Crawford for the last six years. Here she is doing "Streetlife" with the Crusaders, weighing all of 12 lbs, counting that lovely pantsuit. Secondly, how does that frilly manblouse that Joe Sample is wearing not get stuck on the piano somehow? Despite that it appears to be a quinceanera dress with baptismal gowns for sleeves, he pulls it off with macho aplomb.

Speaking of pants suit, check out the 12 seconds of spandex clad vulva thrusting at the beginning of this 1980 video for "And The Beat Goes On." That ladies outfit makes her appear at once to be both naked and made of plastic--perhaps there is no more apt an outfit to have worn as the 70's met the 80's, each leg of her glitter pants as a stand in for a decade. JR came over last night to work on our Diamanda review for Plan B, but first I made him watch this, while I danced and sang along. The moves that transpire between :59-1:09 will make you wanna live forever.

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