November 02, 2007



My idea for my naked man costume never got off the ground; by late afternoon we'd just got done thrifting Joanie's Tammy Fae costume and I figured if haven't started sewing a penis by then, I'd never start, so I went as an Amish hooker, which people kept guessing was Laura Ingalls Wilder, though the gold cha cha heels made it more Laura Ingalls Wildest. Night deux of The Hold Steady was them in banditos gear keeping it tight for a live recording while the 21-ups high fiving and shitkreigged, livid with pleasure doing the emphatical Craig Finn arm move (slap head and then through your arm like yr a zombie stopping traffic) and SCREAMING the lyrics to "The Swish" at their roommates/broferlife like it's their mantional anthem.

We all got caught up the first night, so I let Miles do the talking and the topic turned to a hour long digression on taking acid, small town acid dealer homie ravers with sword collections, unknowingly getting dosed and then going to bed only to wake up in the morning frying. We happened to be in the company of another old friend, whom according to Craig, has the best story about the most ill-timed trip ever--on 9/11 in Manhattan. We tried to get him to tell it, but He was a little too drunk to oblige and says the experience made him feel deeply unpatriotic. I think the issue after this coming issue of HIOQI has to be a special issue devoted to people answering the question "Tell me about the last time you ever did acid." because it's always the last for a really good reason.

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