October 29, 2007


You don't have any costume ideas? Your roommate going as Amy Winehouse too? The "Dick in a Box" costume too risque for the office? Let me solve your problem with some easy costume suggestions.

Adult Fetus.Wrap yourself in saran wrap, thickly. Wear normal clothes underneath. Make umbilical cord from some red string and more saran wrap and safety pin it to your middle.

A ladder. Cut out a ladder from a long pc of cardboard, affix to your neck with string.

Moses. All you need is 2 bathrobes, baby powder in your hair, cheap beard if you can get one, cardboard tablets w/ the commandments on them.

Cuckoo clock. Find a cardboard box that fits over your head, draw it into being a cuckoo clock. Make a space in the middle for your face. Get or make a small fake bird, glue it to a popsicle stick, put popsicle stick in mouth.

Steakback Out House. Your front is a cardboard outhouse door, your back is affixed with steaks or cardboard/felt steaks. Matt's idea, not mine.

the Neil Young song "Pocahantas". This is a costume for three people going together. One is Rust Never Sleeps era Neil.
White T, white pants, white shoes, blk suspenders--harmonica and look of disgust optional. Second person is Pocahantas. Third is Marlon Brando, any era/chrchtr--it doesn't specify--put on some fatigues and cover yourself in vaseline and ouila--you have a Capt. Kurtz outfit.

Suri Cruise. This was Kelly's costume from last year and it's kind of the best idea ever I think. All you need is a witch wig cut short, a jumper dress or onesie and a copy of Dianetics.

Sufjan circa 2005
All you need is a cardboard banjo, a stripey shirt, a runned-over hat and a map of Illinois.

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