October 25, 2007


The dude with the septpocketed workmans belt came nice and early this morning and now the household is back to conjugally knowing the rest of the world with internet. A week off this thing, and Good Riddance was my main thought. I busied myself listening to Frankie Lyman & the Teenagers while washing the floor by hand for a few hours, reading and trying to decipher death-of-the-fifties-man motives of Blume in Love. It was progress and motion I could track--real, even.

The internet is not as good as it used to be, as a friend said yesterday--I'm ambivalent about it's new high speedy return to the living room. I'd got back into using the actual dictionary, as opposed the dot com one, and it made me feel legit and writerly. Feeling writerly is half the pleasure of being a writer.

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