October 15, 2007


To qualify, I was referring to my friends who have said they have big issues with Wes Anderson movies, but are still giving him a pass because say, they like how the movie looks*. And I'm not trying to equate that with like, someone being into Screwdriver for how they sound, despite hating their Nazi message. I think everyone should see Darjeeling and then we can all have informed arguments about it. I love you friend/stranger, no matter what movies you like--even if your favorite movies are all the ones where Eddie Murphy stars in a fat suit. I want us all to unpack this, but somehow wanna save everyone from shilling out $22.50 plus parking for Jason Schwartzman's 90 min. mustache ride.

Also, Cindy writes and poses a good question re: bringing twee ideals to the big screen--what differentiates Wes Anderson and the work Miranda July then? Lets discuss. Message me your idea.

(*thats what I like best.)

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