October 11, 2007



I was complaining in internet emails with Senor Philip about the heavy embrace of disco francais stateside. I think this Boys Noize record is what people are pretending Justice is: terminal godhead--the throb of pure pleasure disco, with a tasteful refinement and sense of punishment that is exclusively German. Justice, my friends, has one and a half good songs. I never got it up for italo disco and I could die a peaceful death with out ever having to hear Uffie "rap". Not to be all freedom fries about it, but the only French person who knows what the fuck he's doing is Feadz. Check the first 12" on B-Pitch from like, 4 summers ago, and you will realize, you are buying a bridge from those other greazy funnabe Daft Punk wonderkindzzzzz.

Also from the maillady's mail bag: The Miranda July presents Learning to Love You More the actual book. Strangely, I like it better as a book than a website, it has a different energy; the book is less buzzy Portlandia feelgoodmystery-nothing and more regular people art. Not as precious. The banners that me and JR did not make it in there but we got a free copy as a consolation prize. I dunno the kind of people you give gifts to, but it screams "gift me." I now have two copies, so watch out, maybe one is about to be yours!

Also, Nikki Sixx cancelled my phoner two days in a row. Email me if you have a question for him. One day, I will ask him.

Fourthly, riding bikes to the bar doesn't count as "a bike ride", guys.

And not to be forgotten: Jim DeRogatis, Bob Gendron and Amy Phillips and I were on a panel at the university tonight. The advance reading homework for the students was K. Sanneh's article from the NY Times about rockism, where he uses DeRo as prime example. I was hoping to witness some freshman vs. crit establishment throwdown, but mostly they just wanted to know why no rock critics like Pearl Jam.

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