October 08, 2007


What the hell, right?
Tuesday at 5 pm, Head Of Skulls is playing at Permanent Records, the cities finest microsized indie rock and weirdness specialtystore, which, like all great record stores in the old timey legends, has a cat that lives in the store. Head of Skulls I wrote tiny stuff about this week, about their midwestern heart, their precision, their half Metal Circus half Over The Edge zuzz. When I think of Noah, who is in HOS on the drums, I think of when we were on tour together 3 pre-historic epochs ago and we were riding on the second row bench seat and I looked over and he was chewing a pen and mulling some writing. I asked him what he was doing. Turned out he was making a list of his top 100 drummers of all time, not out of boredom, but to know where they stood in his heart, I think. Thats a real PMA exercise. To know the exact shape of your love for music; non hierarchal lists of fandom. Could you do it?

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