October 01, 2007


I'm posting this from my office-when-in-southern-Indiana, the rt. 41 Econolodge parkin' lot.

Back at the ranch: No love for the gentrifying power of the our new neighborhood grocery--I agree. Edmar had that amazing smell that can't be described, was much darker than any public place should rightly be, carried dusty-top boxes of cereal deemed too unhealthy and unfashionable by other stores that appeared to be some gently used cocoa crispies imported from South America--but it was utterly Chicago. This new place gots a starbucks and sprinklers over the produce. I'm scared of it.

Secondlike: I have no idea about her writing, but I listened to this interview with Mary Gordon twice yesterday and it's still unraveling in my mind. Most of the time when people talk about doing fiction, it's this classroom bruised bs ala "I'm into story'. (Not stories, not the story? I'm not being anti-intellectual or anti-academia, I just think that's some hi-faluted morony.) But Mz. Gordon is on to diff ideas about the big beast--and what ideas they are. I really recommend it if you enjoy either/both writing or reading. I keep chewing in my head the part where she says "currency".

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