September 27, 2007


Last night Kelly and I went on a spirit walk under the full moon. We started at her house and went east until we hit the water. Turns out she lives by a marina, which was filled with leathery dudes and sloshed ladies who were wine-partying on their sailboats. I love marinas for the fantasy plans they inspire ("we could steal that canoe thing with the bikes attached to it, and paddle ourselves all the way downtown!") and all the punny boat names. Pictured: Cod Father.

We cut through a knoll and came out a clutch of trees and over a little rise, and ouila, to our right was the whole city. Oooh, aaah. It had been hiding from us.

And this was on our right. Well, that and the misc. people humping on the pier. Sorry, didn't mean to spirit walk into your grind zone.

Turns out we were in the bird sanctuary, which is just a high-fallutin term for "bird VIP".

Past that was an acre of volleyball sand courts that were spooky and lunar. Kelly went to plunk down and make a body print and ripped the entire booty of her favorite jeans.

She decided to write a message in the sand to commemorate it for everyone who missed it. It read "MY Butthole Is Showing."

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