September 25, 2007


I let up on my solitary libris and had some company today. It was my good ol' buddy JR, who came over to use the computer. The best non working writer in this whole damn city, and he's got nothing to type on. He worked and I made the lunch, and meanwhile, we did some sick, nostalgic bonding over a record I just bought for the first time ever yesterday.

Jane's Addiction Ritual De Lo Habitual. Believe it. High volume. Both of us singing along from separate rooms. 15 years on, there were revelations--for me--how much Janes rips Zep. I didn't know that when I was in 10th grade because I had no idea what Led Zeppelin sounded like because I wouldn't of been caught dead listening to them, even though I'd only been punk for like four months, I knew LZ was the province of rich hippie kids that went to Southwest and the dudes you bought your drugs from.

I was wondering how I managed to never actually own a copy--but it was easy not to--it was everywhere, so I didn't need to. Every bedroom stereo, blasting during the church lock in fellowship weekend, every car, Sunday Night dance Party, the metal chick played it every single shift at the record store where I worked. Ignoring their grode overblown legacy, Dave Navarro's chest baring oeuvre, the entire Perry=God meme of the nineties---shit is still rad.

Every boy I was totally obsessed with in 9th and 10th grade (with one exception) was in a grunge cover band that did Janes covers. Matt's 11th grade band, McDestiny, did covered "Stop" and "Summertime Rolls"--I'm sure if we'd gone to the same school, I would have spent summers lurking lonely around his bands basement shows, pretending to be drunk off one beer, hoping he'd notice we were wearing the same Mudhoney shirt and talk to me; such were my seduction tactics c. 1991--I was a pitiful thing.

PS. Happy late birthday to my dear and inspiring woman friend, Morgan "Alphonse" Morgo, now aged 24.

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