September 21, 2007


Don't let anybody tell you there isn't stuff going on in The Louis. There is. Me and Matt went on a hot date to the park by his house and watched hot air balloons get revved up for the big race the next day.

Though when we arrived it was already time for deflation, which is no less majestic.

Best part was the loud Steely Dan in the distance. After about five songs, we realized it wasn't a CD over the PA, it was a band. For the two minutes we were walking to where "Hey 19" was coming from, I was freaking the hell out "HOW DID WE NOT KNOW STEELY DAN WAS PLAYING THE FUCKING BALLOON THINGER?!" It seemed possible given that the Balloon Race is thee cultural event of the season.

But it was not Steely Dan, it was better than Steely Dan even! It was a rippin Steely Dan cover band playing a reception on the golfing green. They were called something like Funky Groove. They were perfect. They had a woman on keyboards that did the Michael McDonald harmonies and a full horn section. I'm not getting married unless Funky Groove is playing the reception.

Afterwards, we went out for drinks.

Drinks and some chocolate custard w/ marshmellow creme and graham crackers at my favorite place to eat in all of The Louis: Mr. Wizard. Fuck Ted Drewes and his famous custard! Nobody beats the Wiz!

Clean cup club.

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