September 20, 2007



Ben took this picture and it's of Joan's arm and of a tattooed picture of a banner that me n' JR made her, being held by my arm. When it first came in the mail she said "Oh, I got yr M-A-P banner, and I hung it over the map in my office!"--turns out it was just tangled. Look at that shit. How committed are you to your PMA? I'm not exactly a natural with my PMA. I gotta work pretty hard somedays to be positive, despite having nothing to warrant any complaints about. I really want to be immoderately positive, at all times, regardless. I want to be a laserbeam, but "half nice most of the time" is such a huge improvement, I feel ok about it. Again, in closing, I'd like to remind you, or rather encourage you, for all of today and through the weekend-- and lets seal it with a pact between us now, effective immediately--to stay committed to being positive.

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