September 18, 2007


Some notes, a topical research cache from Amtrack's Lincoln Line.

1. A record I enjoyed rather mightily over the weekend: the forthcoming Celebration album. The big plumfist of Dave Sitek drives this ship like a wheel--steering, ever and again into a mantle: TV On The Radio for boys. Jeff. Airplane party twilight allusions, in the meantime between uppers wearing off and downers kicking in, backed with sinewy lines cadged from a moldy Belly Dancing For Your Husband record. Katrina's voice comes into a her ownership it seems, now. She's arrived to where it is she's been aiming, in this band and that, since pert 1997. OH, and when the double track'd her--one doing witchy voice the other doing 10 miles of bad road voice; she sounds like a harbor whistle. It gives me what I wanted from Yeah Yeah Yeahs (pentultimate early 00's rockcrit concern) but only ever got 2x a record. I mean, it's different. Karen's wild as a whip, but Katrina's linear, gives us the easy line, with pleasure.

2. The new Jens Lekman: He sounds euro-mean (not actual mean, but too emotionally blunt for ears raised on that tarr thick American sap of pop romance) the way he queries the girls in his songs. Ben Gibbard inspired too many indie-dudez without strong voices to sing to dance music. Gibbard knows his own range well, fwiw, but Jen Lekman is not the man I want to hear sing to disco. There is no convincing come on in his voice, only an impatient "trying". When you are dancing, you don't want to be reminded of the sort sourness he brings to mind; gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight, but not a man that sounds like an old roommate you hated complaining about girls that wouldn't f him...

3. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings: 100 Days will be in my top 13 records of this year, at this rate. These are songs. Burners in r&b idiom.

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