September 18, 2007


I went south for an extra long weekend, a weekend with bumpers, and so did my technology. The lil' puter is on a death trip, or was, and then, well, actually, now, suddenly works and connects to the interweb upon arriving home. I have some pics to share, but sadly, some of my favorite things were not captured to digital--namely the empty mansion by Matt's apt. that I am tempted to squat. The window to the servants quarters/sleighmasters kitchen-house (or whathaveyou) is CRACKED open and a hose is running up out of it. I could just shimmy right in there and peak around. Check for ghosts and special stuff someone forgot in the basement. Maybe there some VC Andrews business going on and there are little children in the attic eating arsenic meals and peeing in one anothers' hair! Surely there is a tunnel outta the outbuilding for reaching the castle jawn proper, making it easy for me to sneak on it. It's not for sale, the mansion. It looks (dramatic sound here) abandoned! No curtains in them turrets! Handball court sorely unused! Maybe I can get a STL p/t gig as a dust nanny for that grand casa? PERHUMPS.

Second, from Lincoln to Joliet, there was a young sir on the train--I assumed him to be a freshman of somesort--who believed that he was on a private conveyance, rather than a public one and talked loudly on his phone for nearly three hours. It was really amazing-bad--his main mission was to find out who in Joliet was holding: "Hey, so I am getting into town in about two hours and I'm really going to need to smoke. Do you have any cigarettes?" And so on. The only sound in the car for an hour was a teenager whining for weed. Until his girlfriend called. Then he screamed "I TOLD YOU! I CAN'T TALK! I'M ON THE TRAIN!" a few times and went back to his pot pursuits. The homework girls around him were all too polite to do much more than sigh loudly and rap their highlighters on the seatbacks. I was burnt from three hours of backtracking review of The Odyssey since it's been a few weeks and all I could remember was Odysseus talking up the princess-girl on the pebble beach while wearing nothing but some branches he got off the ground and so I had to rewind to when shit started going down in Lakedamion (sp?), and eventually I had enough with the winedark sea and the trillionth descrip of fine gold bowls that had ever been made by human hands in which some water or meat was served or given as a gift. So I listened to The Eagles instead.

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