September 12, 2007


Strictly for my 55405 homies / retired scenesters still living within a half mile of the CC / 37 year olds who lived in Minneapolis in 1988 and still have their singles collection intact: Does anyone have an Mp3 handy of Big Trouble House's "Union Feed Grain Mill"? I am not 1000% on either band name or song title, as 1990 was a long time ago, but I could sing it to you. I fear I am confusing it with a Breaking Circus song, but I don't know if I ever even liked Breaking Circus all the way, so maybe? I am newly 31 and my mind is ripped on nostalgia that'll only get cured by hearing the damn thing. PS. Do not just up and email it to me, just let me know you got it and we can work something out.

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