September 07, 2007


I'm in love with all my friends.

I dunno how we're all going to rig getting the days off again unless we hurt Morgans other leg, but the dunes stay on your mind. First thing each of those beach goers says to me when we talk is "when are we going back?" BFBF=best friends beach fiending. It was a birthday week beyond my wildest thirtiest dreams.

My big surprises were the miniature german picnic basket from Ben and the wonderful lion bathmat from Ian and Robin and Max.

For being three months old, Max has great taste in home furnishings. He knows what I like better than I do. On my day-of-birthday-31, my real present was being Harris family adjacent; I got to drink their Portland coffee, eat a peach and plum breakfast pancake casserole, get drooled upon. Not to brag or anything. They have been gone for three weeks and now they are back and I feel like Max is all grown up. He's got a neck and a giggle and rolls around. He might as well be moving into the freshman dorms. Three months is old as fuck.

In other news, Morgan bought a fancy new uekelele. She knows a song, and thats the one they sing around the campfire in The Jerk. We sang it together. Band practice in the car is the wave of the future.

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