September 06, 2007


David Singer, My Friend, emailed this over to make sure I sawed it. You maybe missed it too, so ALAS, Miranda July NYTizzimes play list. I like her parting joke best. I also agree with her about the Bill Callahan record, even though I only felt taken with it enough to listen 3-ish times, but when I did listen, I felt like it was weirdo-world "Wichita Lineman" in reverse--he's going towards love that he doesn't know, his heart is broken open, he's backing up all the way home. Which is a good idea, formulaicly, answer songs are not so fresh--but inverse versions could be. (PS. When you get to the end of the Miranda list, ignore any reflexive desire to read the comments, because it's not going to improve your life. Let your mind be like that old punk patch of the stick figure throwing the swastika in the trash. Stay on your positive path.)

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