August 31, 2007


Oh my. Don't you wish you had a gaggle of hopping Berliner littles in bloc-y nerd clothes and leather lunchbags to dance stupid with? Someone text me a baby. International Pony's record is--finally--going to come out in the United States next month. They were the surprise detonator on Sascha Funke's Boogybytes B pitch mixer--the Saschasized version of "Our House" queers the album take (languid, sensual) with a Teutonic chill (akin to the vers posted up at their myspace). Tiny bubbles Hamburg glitch-n-kick all gorgeous and solemn; when the tambo shuffel drops and he whispers "in our house" like he's sucking the words out of the air, I go aquiver--it's a top player last year and this one too. Int'l Pony ain't no joke band, they have all the fuck-you-it's-our-party humor of the first Basement Jaxx record, which on subsequent Jaxx records retarded into such ill-begotten business such as JC Chasez dropping hump science. The funny of "Gothic Girl"
seems a bit obvious, until your realize it's actually a "Hey 19" bite ("She says she likes black music").

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