August 30, 2007



OK. So, so far we have two volunteers for the take a train and walk voyage from here to Springfield, one for the ride and one for the walk. It's like 200-some miles between the two and human walk speed, according to casual expert Ben Fasman (Chicago's most eligible bach, ladies!) is about 6-8 mph. So, here's my thought. Walk some, ride-a-train some. And every time we wait for the train, we can sing that "c'mon ride the train" song by 65 South. I am not sure if taking 10-14 days to walk a Land of Lincoln path is the best or worst idea ever. I know from making the Muy Romantico record that first idea/worst idea=best idea. Usually. PS> Does anyone know those Pilsen kids who just built log rafts and went down the Mississippi?

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