August 26, 2007


You know what you need to do, but don't know you need to do? Take the train someplace. Unless you are in Europe, esp. Germany (Hi Al!), in which case you are probably riding your no speed bike to a silent, clean, very fast train right now. I took an Amtrack down through the cornbelt (there might be an actual cornbelt, and downstate Ill. may not be it, so recognize, this is just my personal nickname for Chi-Boogie to Springfield) and it was entrancing. Plus, you can buy tea and pretzels, you can watch the landscape and dream about living in a run down farmhouse just like the one you were born in (well, I was) and you can read when that gets boring. Reading beats driving, even if riding the train is sometimes not unlike driving with 50 people in the car.

I saw the butt-end of Carlinville, where my bandmate Josh and best friend JR went to a microsized religious college. The train station in Carlinville had the best worst-ever graffiti of the rail ride: "HITLER LIVES" with a three-armed swastika, kind of low to the ground and written really clearly. Meaning some super dumb 13 year olds live are living around there. Also, there is a little path that runs parallel to the train all 300 miles to St. Louis, meaning, if you just follow the train, you could walk there. Which I would do, if someone reliable comes with me. I would also need a transistor radio and a light weight raincoat. Or if walking to St Louis doesn't sound like fun (IT LOOKED SO FUN AND JUMBLED WITH EXCITING DECREPIT BRIDGES AND DOWNED TELEGRAPH LINES AND CORN GROWTH PS> WHAT IF WE GOT A CANOE? WE COULD BE THERE IN NO TIME!), Joliet, Champaign/Urbana and Springfield are all en route. Maybe we could just ride bikes and then take a tour of the governor's mansion in S-field. Pack six days of PBJ sammies and some pudding cups, and roll up on some Land of Lincoln action.
Just think about it. Long weekend next week, F BBQs and alla that.

Also, if anyone who is reading this lives or has lived recently in St. Louis knows where a good place to eat is, other than the queer vegan buffet, holler!

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