August 24, 2007


Last night weezall went to City North 14 to see a movie. City North is legendarily the best-worst place to see movies--the raucousness of 5 buck tuesdays is unparalleled--kids cutting class making fart and sex noises throughout the movie, people bitching out their five year olds when they don't bring them back the correct treats from the snack bar, dudes having long convos on thier chirp-phones, full volume couple fights. No such luck last night; it was all giggles at Superbad. Also, I learned that Brenmar's given name is "Bill". He just joined that band These Are Powers, and they are pretty good post Brooklyn dust core, see them if they come through, and tell Bill I sent ya. Brenmar is a good punk name, it sounds like a gated community, or at least a place with well trimmed hedgerows.

Then, most of us went to the punk show--and guess who was there playing!?

MIKA MIKO! Knees out, horns up, thats the way they like to punk.

Jenna "Mama Chancla" Thornhill blows mad sax and lurches on stage. Her lurching move is inverse star power awkwardness that is quite intense, you can't take you eyes off her.
Later on, we cornered her by the mens room and made her be our friend. She's got a Crass tattoo and a very powerful smell, thus, she is my new idol. We told her about "Imma text u a baby" and she came up with three remix versions, and she started rapping her ideas back to us, one of which was about finding "a secret ancient Voldemort style word that when you text it , magically impregnates who ever gets the text." Mika Miko were so terrific to watch, they did "Attitude" and it was so good, if Glenn Danzig saw them, he'd go fetal, fully stop living. Just body up right there on the spot. Bonk himself to death with their little red singing phone.

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