August 20, 2007


Man, The Odyssey is really heating up, you know, for an audiobook. I'm up to the part where Odysseus has been on the wine-loaded raft for some epic stretch and is starting to complain about the fate that has befallen him. It's like a weekend at Wisconsin Dells, but set in ancient Greece.

Also, finally finished Blue Highways (actual book with paper pages). It's my favorite book since Play It As It Lays. If you have ever been on tour, longed for the innocence of pre-Reagan America, driven long distances to get to the heart of your problems, you miss traveling, are a buff for true stories of the countries bloody & misbegotten beginnings, been enraptured by John McPhee, etc--you will really love this book, too. Go to it. I learned a lot of new words from it, including "creosote" which appears to describe fences in the south. Just in the final four chapters today, I learned "vituperance" and "tupping", which sound similar but are not. One is verbally abusing someone and the other can mean a vigorous hammering motion or sheep procreating (ewes doin' it). "Tupping" is the new "effing". A twofer--"vitupping", perhaps?!
First person who can work it into print wins some gummi polar bears.

Also, Mika Miko play 4 pm Weds at Reckless in WkrPrk and Nightime Weds at Empty Bottle. I am thinking of bringing them some of my GIANT bucket of gummi candy Knut Das Eisbar Baby ("Knuddel Knut") as an offering. My german pen pal Seppo sent it and since it arrived I have been eating candy polar bears in lieu of meals, so I think I just gotta get em out of here. I hope those Mika girls are into Knuddel Knut Das Eisbar the Candy Baby Bear, edible star attraction of the Berlin zoo.

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