August 19, 2007


A list, cuz:

1. Other than listening to the Fiest record twice last Sunday, and the party mix at the party, the only thing I have listened to all week is side one of Deep Voices--The Second Whale Record. Humpbacks, not Whale of "Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe" fame, which by the way, if you have doubles of that, please share. Deep Voices stands up against any spacejunk-noisewarp-nudrone album of the last two years. It's a romantic drang, a mega-mooing, basso-profundo without all the violence. Side two is sounds that when recorded were at a frequency humans couldn't hear, so they sped it up until you could: chipmunk whales.

2. Way more ruling than you would expect: The unabridged audiobook version of The Odyssey. It's 11 CDs, 12.5 hours, the Palmer translation, read by Norman Dietz. HIGH DRAMA. I'm only three-some hours in, in the Telemachy, and it's killing me with suspense--I've never read the book. My favorite part so far is when Telemachus goes to to tell off all the crass dudes in his town to leave him and his mom alone, and the men are incredulous and treat Telemachus like a punk, and then Zeus' eagles fly above him and rip each others flesh and give the whole town the death eye to punctuate Telemachus' point. BAD OMEN, guys, pay attention, he's got the gods on his side and Athena can turn into an osprey any old time she likes! Is the shit really going to hit the fan when Odysseus gets home in nine years? Also, when everyone's complimenting Menelaus' fancy house, and he's all "Some good it does me, my whole family is dead."-- that's some heavy shit to lay on just-arrived dinner guests. No wonder they wanna go sleep on their boat instead.

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