August 18, 2007


I know Joan thinks of Houston as her ancestral home, but home is where the heart is and all of Chicago misses Joan.

Derek Erdman, the spiritual father of McGintyism and also just a regular guy who likes to paint cats and hamburgers, according to one local zine.

Xavier, Monika's French exchange student, and his lion tail necklace. "I prefer to speak in English!" he says. So, if you see him, leave it at "Bonjour!"

Noah had his pocket saw with him, but we didn't end up needing it. We broke the sticks for the fire with our hands and feet and then wrapped them in Menards circulars. Making the fire was perhaps my favorite part of the party.

My second favorite was Nora's next door neighbor starting a building project and running a table saw for an hour at 10 pm. Respect is due to Pilsen, where people let you do your thing. Night time construction, parties with bonfires--

spontaneous air guitar competitions to "Hotel California" at 1:30 a.m.

It was a tight race. Miles actually plays guitar and gets points for using a jam jar of red wine as the neck. Kate's technique was enthusiastic, but her hands were up by her head. She credits "Janine" with this. Janine, who gave her guitar lessons when she was eight. JR won though, by virtue of doing "John Mayer face" and licking his fingers and putting them in the air.

Nora will tell you, Best Of The Eagles Vol. II is a divisive album. She doesn't even like "Life in the Fast Lane".

It'll clear out cool kids from your party and get the pre-eighties babies and all night party warriors super pumped. New club idea: True Punx 4 Henley.

You can check out anytime you like--but you can never leave.

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