August 13, 2007


The brightest meteor shower in our lifetimes brought us up past Wilmette, to a park in Glencoe, the darkest place I could remember being. We strained and scanned the sky and laid on a picnic table and cursed the blocking trees and headed down to the beach. There was a 100,000 candle watt light shining on the catamaraner's boat slips that was light polluting our good time, but we waded through the surf to a dark spot behind the parks building, just up the sand a bit. We were not the only ones with this good idea we soon found; the spirit animals of all suburban youth--a trio of teenage boys with a pocket bong were also claiming this spot.

They could not see we were women double their age.

So, do you guys go to school or you work?"
Actually, we're grown ups.
Well, I live like a grown up... I'm a gemologist. A graduated gemologist. You know much about diamonds?

He may have said more, but we were seizing with laughter. They were not phased; they also bragged to us about the impressive size and girth of their at-home bongs. TEENAGE BOYS ARE THE MINDBLOWER!

We laid there until very very late, and could only see maybe 15 of the asteroids dissolving in the atmosphere, not up to 12 a minute like the internet set. That lying planetarium! It was worth it, so very worth it.

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