August 12, 2007


Today, eight ladies came over and we traded clothes.

Everything you ever assumed happens when a cabal of lively young women get together did. Lotsa snacks, a couple bra hats, Rumours and Dolly and Dusty on repeat; Kate made me read a page out of Gloria Steinem's Revolution from Within. Feminism on blast, y'all.

Kiki and new friend Kelly came. Kiki brought a near-stranger off the street and some flowers and these beautiful white pants that are now Morgan's.

I think Morgan won with this look, "The Jackson Browne." I got a shirt from Morgan that says "Morgan"--I didn't know about it for sure and Kiki said "well, it's like a band t-shirt, but it's for your friend." Which makes me want to stencil all my friends names on all my shirts. Or maybe just one shirt with 22 names on it written in sharpie. Human myspace top 8, but from the heart and well, real life. It could be like Tracey Emin's tent in reverse--the names of all my girl friends, who are my idols and bi-ped spirit animals. So so so much love. I could cry just thinking about how incubated I am with girl love right now.

My favorite part was due to the fact that there is only one tiny mirror and it's in the bathroom, you either have to balance precariously on the tub and lean out, or rely on the group consensus. Mirrors are bad--it's just you and insecurities makin' the call on your look; having a room full of women telling you that you look perfect is really the better way to go.

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