August 11, 2007


This week in baby burritos: Max knows how to smile. He looks at Robin and smiles. You go "thppffft" and he smiles. He went to New York for the first time and he came back and all the sudden he's got a neck. Protect and develop your neck, son. It'll help you look around.

Bexxy. Face paint on sunburn cowering from people the the corner of the party going "I'm freakin' out, dude."

And with good reason: The dude who played before The Carnys and Bird Names was readying himself as we walked in. He was in the living room and everyone had bypassed him and went straight for the lush fauna of the backyard of conversation pit. Rather than play to four people who were standing around waiting to see him, he came and stood on the outdoor couch and started singing really loud and strumming reckless and hard, overtaking everyone's convos and hang outs. Fucking vigilante troubadours.

He had songs about how existence is meaningless, the personal is political, corporations are evil, self regard is also evil, having children is stupid and selfish, Bush is tard (hear hear), etc. I cursed Jeff Ott's name. Plus, if he really beleived if existence is meaningless and self regard is stupid, why didn't he play in the living room to four people? Hippie, please don't come at us with the info that Walmart is destroying the planet., this is a party, not Al Gore's slide show. Hollerin' about the evil empire to a bunch of convert kids w/o shoes on who smell like they live in a garbage tent is best left to Against Me, as far as I'm concerned. (((SECONDLY: The only song I wanna hear anyway is "Imma Skype U A Baby" the explicit answer back of "Imma Text U A Baby" but neither of them have been written. When Ben texted a bunch of people "imma text u a baby" the other night, he got two responses back, both of which are also going to become their own songs ( if "Trapped In The Closet" can have 21 versions, we're doing at least 26): "Imma text u a baby grandma" and "'bout time, papi". BOUT TIME, PAPI will be the wedding reception first dance anthem for 2008-09, I'm positive on this.)))

I thought Kate was gonna sock him. Kate, Kate--heels in the pit, y'all.

Nora is a real punk rock dream come true. A natural behind the kit. Inspiration on the four count.

Dirt floor basement show with salvaged walls, respect is due.

We made Morgo's friend Mike skip Waterbabies and come with us to Chinatown for adventure tastings at the tea place. Mike and Bruce from Yakuza are the only two dudes in town who own beard trimmers I think. Every time I see Mike I think "With that stash, he should really be wearing a Tyrolean hat, standing in a field with a staff, overlooking a verdant glen" Here's my pitch for the hat at least.

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