August 08, 2007


I chaperoned a Ladies Night out at the noise show. Kate's back in town, so the good times are here. Officially.

No-no's coworker told us a wonderful story about going to Debonair on Sunday night and hitting the dance floor only to spy one R. Kelly with a towel on his head, dancing with three other dudes, lip-synching to a "Imma Flirt" remix. "I'd totally do R. Kelly" she said. No-no also thinks he's hot. I almost puked in my mouth. One woman's sex object is another woman's Marmaduke-faced molester. I told them about my new song that Ben and I are working on "Imma text U a baby". Everyone could agree on it's surefire hit potential. "Imma text U a baby" is totally buying me my first quonset hut.

After Rotten Milk's round robin band with Anya from Coughs played (not fun: fake Bloodyminded shiz, Rotten Milk stomping around in a pair of flowered capris straight out the Newport News catalog, flexing and heaving.), this 11 person band played. I am not sure what they were called, but thats Eleanor from Bird Names in the cooling gel mask playing the xylophone with her hands. The dude in the white frock coat played the antlers. Not pictured: The girl in the hammer pants who pretended to have sex with her microphone when not playing the whistle, the second drummer with the Hitler stash, the other four people in wigs and the keyboardists underwears. It was only their second show, but if they stick around, by xmas they'll be a fantasy and a half.

We closed out Bacci's after last call, Kate, judiciously, peed on a copy of Seabiscuit in the BK parking lot across the street and we called it a night.

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