August 03, 2007


File it under "stuff you told me about already, like, 150 times, ok?" but my lil' bit on & pics of Abe Vigoda, Screaming Females and Rollin Hunt in this weeks Reader. "Not Lollapalooza" is one of my fave headlines of late. Secondly, throngs= 180,000 ppl that paid $130 each. I went to this Lollapalooza fundraiser for the Chicago Parks where 200-odd people paid between $350-$15,000 to be able to sit on white leather couches in front of Petrillo bandshell and talk through Spoon's set while administering bottle service. Perry Farrell introduced them and big upped the community and good vibes of Lolla, and the spirit of the fundraiser, which if I am not mistaken, pays for new bushes for city. Thanks, P-Dog, shrubs for life! Some society matrons straight out of the pages of Sheridan Road attempted to befriend me. Trish and Trish's friend and Mimi. Well, Mimi wasn;t a matron, she was just a spunky young party gal who said she had to talk to me because she hadn't actually seen someone eating an apple "off the core" since "third grade". She was really inquisitive "Why not bananas?" she asked. Bananas don't hold up well in the purse. "Do you have celiac disease? Is that why you are eating it?" No. Apples are in season and I like them. I think it was a real mindblower for her, me and my apple. She also told me that she considered it a real tragedy that I don't drink. Trish was not baffled by my apple. She walked up to me, appropros of nothing and said "Oh, you're here alone, too" and handed me a cigarette without me asking. Trish just wanted to hang out because watching the band would keep her from drinking and thus keep her from getting in trouble. Her and her friends just wanted to dress up, rock out, get loose and take a night off from their kids. She poked me in the tit , in the Sonic Youth of my shirt and said "I used to love Sonic Youth." She also liked the first three Spoon songs, but not the fourth, and wondered why Britt was singing with a British accent if he's not from England. She likes Spoon cos they remind her of Oasis. She kept begging me to dance with her, but her version of dancing is actually just twirling and seeing as I had just eaten, I passed. Spoon were good, but Trish and not Trish were really the highlight of the show for me.

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