August 01, 2007



Caught the last half of the Joan as Policewoman show. Last time I saw Joan Wasser play a show, it was in the Dambuilders c. 1994 and she was whipping her dreads around the basement at Speedboat Gallery. She's a lot more refined now. She was wearing formal knickers and a gold lame shirt and her hair was mega blown out, like she'd been driving in a convertible all day. She was playing without a band, and there were lots of twirly details and classical references and sultry, breathy indie soul. Like Feist doing Jethro Tull songs. She's a real enchanteuse.


Her manner behind that Wurlitzer was real performy. She does dramatic head movements and agony faces while she holds those long notes, which was sometimes hard to watch. Like she's gobbling for air or smelling something terrible. It's funny that both her and Nathan Larson were in a band together (Mind Science of The Mind, y'all!)--he had the most dramatic stage moves ever. It must have been like dueling banjos. A D.C. friend used to have a joke about making special glasses with one eye blacked out so you could watch Shudder to Think without being distracted and annoyed by his action moves. I'm a midwesterner, I prefer bands to be sweaty, scary, forceful and earnest, not purposefully entertaining. It weirds me out.


Newly blonde Nora bobbing in a high fashion swimsuit she lifted in high school.

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