July 27, 2007


News and notes, news and notes, kitten:
Moped story is out. It wound up being more procedural than I wanted, but c'est la guerre. That's why it's called Chicago Reader and not Jessica Hopper's First Drafts n' Funstuff newsletter, right?

Two, Times New Viking is at Ronny's tonight. No-fi Ohio rock comeback.

Thirdly, Red Pony Clock is playing South Union Arts on Sat. night, and I like Red Pony Clock.

Ahundredly, Joan As Police Woman is at Schubas on Sunday. That song "Eternal Flame" on her new album is so wonderful, Joan as white-witch Sade, Joseph Arthur doing fake-Tunde basso backups, laying it plain with know-thyself romantic wisdom. Her record is like Return to Cookie Mountain for your mom.

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