July 25, 2007


We're a franchise now, boo. Strangely enough, I have found, as every print place I write for regularly has been sold and re-fangled in the last 18 months, that by virtue of being freelance, I have job security. I cost a third of what regular, insured employees cost. None the less, it's a little scary. I laid in my sisters bed last night assessing what other skills I have that are marketable and legal ("I can type fast, babysit, make change bowls and boss people around. Hmmmm."). Wondering if I will have to get a leave the house job, wondering if the only music writing jobs that will exist in a year are Pitchfork and writing band bios for $200 a pop. I'm figuring I'll pack up for Marfa and start either a modernist hay-bale maze that costs $30 to experience, or start the Marfa Art News Weekly, which is bi weekly and a one page silk screened thing with a $14 cover price. It'll be my manifestos, a scene report and Mike Taylor will do comix. Surely, that will be enough to make rent on an adobe yurt. Monkee and Wyatt will hunt food for us all. It will all work out fine.

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