July 19, 2007


LA's pride n' joy, Abe Vigoda, rocking the east side basement scene. It was packed to the gills with 22 people and a dog. Once kids started party dancing, the place smelled like eau de jockstrap, but nothing phased us/them. JR and I were trying to figure out their antecedents. I said "dub" and he said "New Zealand. Like a really good Xpressway band." We both said: "WOW." Inspiring, kid energy and talent to boot.

The best news, though: they are doing a second Chicago show, tomorrow, Friday night at People Projects Gallery (2123 N. Milwaukee). I think they are on first. It's a benefit for Ladyfest. Come early, bring your friends, bring money to get a shirt. It's all around winning prop, and plus, do you wanna spend yr Friday night drinking Molson Lite from a sippy cup and watching the copy of Fletch Lives that finally arrived via Netflix? It's summer, get out of the house. Like Kim G. once said: Party with me punker!

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