July 19, 2007



Hey, all eleven of you in LA that read this blog! SUP! An art show is happening day after tomorrow, including two FOTB (friends of this blog): Joan Hiller and Derek Erdman. Both are a wiz with nature originals, Joan's birthday deer is on my living room wall, Erdman's painting her gave me--of a squirrel, which he did on a picnic table cloth is not posted up yet, but it's cos I have to get nails. Both make artwork that is totally affordable, for those who are into "collecting" but are on the dole etc. Beth, I do not know her art, but strangely enough, she is a childhood friend of Matts and he's vouched for her talent. GO! When can you not use some art-viewing?

PS. Abe Vigoda plays at Plaines Project in a couple hours. Don't fall asleep and forget. Enliven your raisin of a social life; tonight!

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