July 18, 2007


Los Angeles, the highlight reel/real:
Dave and Aaron came and got me from the museum. I told them about how the feminist art exhibit was the most pornography I had ever seen. By like 60 times over. We talked about in what contexts the word "slut" is ok to use, and then they took me to the mall to see a depressing movie about gangs in Haiti.

Ingrid showed me her painting studio. It was cleanest art space I had ever been in. I like Ingrid so much after hanging out with her, I went to go see the movie she was ardent I see, La vie en rose. I really like Ingrid and hope she comes to visit, but there are Three Stooges movies that are less hammy. That lady who plays Edith Piaf--dude, it was like watching Marcel Marceau in drag reenacting a season of Golden Girls. I was hoping that the movie ended with her being attacked by a wolverine. Spoiler: It doesn't happen.

After the museum/zinefair adventure, we went to eat at a resturant which seated us in their TBA construction room that would have been pitch black eating if Cali had not gone to the gift shop for some scented candles.

Guess who was at the zinefair: Becca and Ashland. Chicago is not the same without them. Ashland is the best dressed person I know. Remember three summers ago where all he was wearing was a black karate outfit, that sparkley purse, dollar flip flops and a cornrow mohawk? Impeccable.

Math and his dog! Last time me and Math hung major, I was in his movie, wearing a powersuit and he was wearing a nude leotard with a supersized stuffed labia sewn to the outside of the crotch. Chicago: super not the same without him.

My hosts, the pretend boyfriends. As I took this picture, Arlie was making fun of me "Ooh, is the feminist all upset?!". You guys think yr so funny in yr matching outfits, but yr not.

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