July 17, 2007


Are you in for Screaming Females tonight (TUESDAY) at Ronny's? They are a couple weeks in to a tour that appears to go straight through September, so my guess is they will be honed and invincible. I am rolling straight up to Ronny's from O'Hare, all jetlagged and InTouched out, and I will be in the front row, waiting to high five you. If you are not in the Chi and even if you live in a backwater trench anywhere in the USA, they are coming your way, and you should be pumped cos it might be like this:

Aside from her unabashed shredding, her Chrissy Hynde bangs, her voice and songwriting ability, my favorite other thing is that her outfit. It's half Prince's entourage circa 85, half Eastern Bloc nana going out to the field. Arlie used another Prince analogy to describe her playing: "She's channeling Prince solos, but she sounds like her band should be the middle band on a Meat Puppets / DC3 bill." If you have 10 minutes watch the whole video, if you only have three minutes and you want to feel excited and inspired, try this one:

The other great thing about this video is the girl at the beginning talking about drinking in a dorm room with someone who goes by the name of "Douchie". Drinking a case in the dorm with Douchie sounds like it would provide you with stories for a lifetime. Watching this video makes me think that Screaming Females new record is like the femme answer back/besting of You're Living All Over Me. I'm going to their show with $50 and buying every single merch they have. I really think, between them and the Abe Vigoda show on the 19th, it'll be an explosive week. Punk will stake our hearts with the young idea.

PS> I looked at Screaming Females itin. and they still don't have a show in LA, Oakland, they need some post-Mnpls, post-Denver, a little Pac NW, Carolinas-ish, a Florida show or two and some other major cities. Someone should be helping them out here--where do you live? Do you need a band to play your birthday party? Instore at yr lotion shop? As Aaliyah once asked: Are you that somebody? Scene unity folks, lets help them out.

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