July 13, 2007


Are you pumped for Pitchfork? You got yr special Pitchfork outfit laid out on the bed for tonight? Are you wondering what you might say to Catpower if you get stuck behind her in line at craft services? If you are worried about what to eat, I would suggest sticking with those fried doughy things that are covered in powdered sugar. Low risk of food poisoning when yr just rolling with dough and grease and sugar, plus it will make you FEEL CRAZY, all that sugar, which might be the only way you can get through a full 35 minute Steve Malkamus set. Also, the Mexican sandwich shop across the street has the best agua fresca in the city and lots of non-meat items. Go mow some of that down before crossing through those gates, cos it's a long day of vendor food, and you don't wanna wind up barfing while you are moshing during The Clipse.

Me, I am going for tonight, but I voted my conscious; I am going to LA to see the feminist art show in lieu of racking a shingle at the Chromeo afterparty. As much as I'd love to stand around in the heat and gossip with you about who hooked up with who in what porta-potty, I'm leaving. If you need me, I'll be at Zuma Beach.

What I meant to tell you, this whole dang time I meant to, was about some shows. In case you, like me, prefer to be able to see bands from a few feet away and not with 19,000 other casual cocaine rap enthusiasts et. al.:

1. Screaming Females at Ronny's July 17th. Link via Becky and Andy, my top two penpals of the oughts, to be sure-- Screaming Females might be the best band we see all summer and they also need some shows filled in, including in LA. Someone hook them up!

2. Abe Vigoda play Plaines Project in Pilsen on the 19th. Evolution LAmbassadors.

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