July 12, 2007


Good morning everyone! We're almost half way through summer. Perhaps not technically season-calendarly wise, but it's July's middle. Do not be depressed. Just go outside and dig in. Also, Matt told me that there is a baby eisbar at Brookfield zoo. Perhaps not as cute as the famous Knut the baby polar bear at the Berlin zoo, but defs worth a trip out to that janky zoo. I'm going.

Liz and I went down to WBEZ the other day to tape something for the radio. I'll leave it as a surprise, but I will give you a hint -- we weren't guest hosting Sound Opinions. Though that is a really good idea. She could play her sax and I could hold forth on "Last Train To Clarksville" and JR could do sports and weather on the eights.

Morgo came over and drank all my juice. We went on a walk, checked some good dumpsters, looked for wood for our signs and plotted out the video we're going to make for our own version of T-Pain's "Buy You A Drank". It is set over on that empty lot where the practice spaces burned down, and involves a full dress butler and Matt playing a guitar solo on fire escape. I only half know the words to "Buy You A Drank", despite that being alive near an open window in Chicago means you hear it on the hour. My version is more like a Cliff Notes, it goes: "I'm T- Pain / I'm a famous singer / and you're gonna sleep with me / I'm super rich / lets get drunk / put your legs behind your head / now go "ooh ooh oooh". Thats the whole song right there. Morgo will do the Yung Joc part.

Also, Morgan and I have been talking about this idea as a potential sign for the LTLYM assignment of "informational plaque"-- a little sign with suggestions/ideas about how to compliment a woman you don't know on how she looks without being a total douche. We're all brainstorming, please email your ideas.

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