July 06, 2007


Logans blog, via Becky. Off to a great start, Logan.

PS. Is it okay that I liked Transformers? Sure, it was 1/3rd recruitment film, 1/3 GMC showroom porno and 1/3rd hokey, patriotic, xenophobic fighting robots film with strange "friends share" implied three-way between a boy, his car and the vagina of the girl with the black hair whom I am not sure had a name. And I could probably fart better dialogue in my sleep, but the robot fights were THE BEST! That lone Decepticon space plane is gonna come back so we can have Transformers II: Built Ford Tough in America Where All Good Men Young And Old Defend the Land with Guns for The Right To Access The Vaginas of Teen Girls And How! and I am gonna go just for the robot fights then too. And the sound effects, also. Also, was it kind of intense that much of the dialogue is the robot man friends talking about their feelings of emotion? Optimus Prime is straight up Robert Bly style nu-macho. I think I need to see it a couple more times. Oh, Transformers!

PPS. On a scale of asian-specific racism in contemporary summer block busters Transformers rates below both the trailer for the Jackie Chan/Chris Tucker movie and Die Mega-Hard pt. 99, a movie whose "ooh, face!" moments mostly had to do with Bruce Willis insulting the high kicking asian lady by using her being asian as a perjorative and calling her a dead bitch.

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