July 05, 2007


DIY cat burrito.
Ben is back from London. We planned to meet at the Videohippos show, but doors had been open for three hours and no one had played and it was another three and a half hours 'til their set time=I only got one life to live, so I bailed for a BBQ, and ouila, Ben was there, talking about the 9353 re-union shows.
And a surprise! Joey Jo-Jo Jr. Shabadoo in from the coast for a weekend. He said almost the same thing that Tomas said when Tomas visited on July 4th six years ago and the fireworks were going off pow-pow-pow entire cartons of black cats for an hour, and mega booms where yr first instinct is to duck--"It's like Sadr City after dark." Sadr City, but with surplus not-dogs.
Brenmar showed up wearing a long tinsel ribbon. Young folks really know how to be festive.
Ben's new tittoo bearing a reminder of the ephemeral nature of life:"Running Towards Death". It's grim, but it's the truth, que no?
And guess who was next door? My long lost sister, Telo. Who can peek over a six foot fence flat-footed. She invited me to her birthday party on Sunday and I said "So, the day after tomorrow?" and then Miles gave me a look like I'd just shit the bed and informed me today was Wednesday. Whatever, dude, I'm freelance.
We went to another BBQ where there were a lot of good looking young people I didn't know, and a lot of folks from around the scene and sitting there I decided I only really like being around people when I know their last names, not their band names.
Back home, it was pure pow as far as you could see.
From the roof, you could see the fireworks-smoke haze covering the city.
This is the fireworks-kind I prefer. Silent and sparkley. At 10, the neighbors set off a black cats carton-explosion chain that continued until 11:30, with intermittent sparkle-ones and what may have been dynamite flung into the air.
I made Matt put his hand over his heart and sing the American theme songs with me. The parts of the national anthem and the other one were supplanted with lines about Santa bringing us freedom because I don't know anything beyond fruited plains and the flag was still there, which if my two WWII veteran grandpas weren't already there, would have probably put them into their graves.
I just did it to make him laugh, and he did.

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