June 30, 2007


There is a house of trouble down at the end of the block. I am pretty sure there are some sales going on thereabouts, though sometimes it's just boys with their shirts off swearing. My favorite of them is this kid, Dre. He's about 4'11, at least a teenager, scrawny and white. I assume his name is Dre because thats what it says on his face. In jail-cursive, ear to jaw, a jagged poke tat in lieu of a sideburn. He hardly has any work on his arms, it's like 80% above the shoulders tattoos with him. He hangs out next to the carwash drinking Big Gulps. Anyhow, Dre is currently associating with a girl with stringy blonde hair who wears pajama pants out of the house. They argue often and loudly and when they do he walks away and just keeps walking. And she follows, going off, trailing 20-30 feet behind. He will walk all around the neighborhood, and never able to shake her, and she never quite catches up. I imagine that everyone within a two block radius of here knows their business. They are on their second trip around the block now, and she is still calling him a pussy asshole for fighting with her in front of her own mother. The first time by, he was hollering about what a fucking bitch she is, but now he's solemnly speedwalking punctuating her harangues with worn calls of "UUUGHHHHH!". He should really look into getting a bike or something.

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