June 25, 2007


Meanwhile. Everything is broken, and everything is dirty and I'm broke. I went to the grocery after I got my filling refilled. When I got it replaced the first time, my dental doctor--an amateur musician and real music enthusiast--may or may not have fucked up my filling since it's 5 months later and painful to touch. Perhaps it was because he was distracted when he was installing it because he was talking about his love of music. And then took a break from my dental work to do an air drum fill. To a Goo Goo Dolls song. Using the instruments. Including the little hook thing. Four inches from my face. So I had it replaced, and thankfully, the office XFM was on the Bonnie Raitt station--which he took pains to let me know--was the front desks choice, not his. SO. I leave dental town and go to the grocer and the checkout dude, ever friendly, asks me about my pictogram Z tattoo that Mike gave me in honor of my nana, Zola. I was trying to talk without spitting or letting my tongue slide out the side of my mouth and start flapping. "Uaah, zhith? It's auuh zthee. No. A THEE. See. ZZZEEE. Ahhfine, I thus hath zum dennal wuhk. A fiilung." Despite my Bill The Cat immitation, he asked what the tattoo was about, is it a swan, where'd I get the idea. " The zthee ith fuh my grawma. Huh name was THOLA. ZO-LA. It's a hewon. A zhee-bird. You know, hewons? My fwen dwu it." He made a face that was 100% pure huh and I was frustrated but was trying to be polite and I blurted "MY GWAND MA, SHE'S DEAD." and then out lined "Z" in the air and pointed emphatically at my arm and hissed "ZHEE!". I am not sure who felt like the bigger asshole, me or him, but truly, banner interaction all around.

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