June 21, 2007


Perhaps you are like me and have long standing internal dialog over what is the right way to listen or not listen and to feel and not feel about R. Kelly's music. He seems, by most all evidence thus far, to be a bad dude. Though much of music celebrity men and men in power, we know, are like this same style of bad dudes and R just got caught and also there was that day that the girls on WGN 6 o clock said that he would wait in the parking lot of their Jr. High in his nice car. Like, always. And you wonder why, if Steven Tyler supposedly BOUGHT a 15 year old from her family, did he never get prosecuted and is popular into Shea Stadium infinity. Was it cos he was white and it was the 70's? And sometimes you think"But, this song is so funny, R Kelly is singing about being a sex dinosaur, I do not have to take him seriously! He is like Ween, but better! If it is a joke, then he is a joke and so I don;t have to feel super awful about enjoying his products." Right? Here's my idea, it's a penance system, kind of like saying hail marys to absolve you of sins: For everytime you willfully partake of R. Kelly you must listen to the "dirty version" of The Game "Wouldn't Get Far ft. Kanye West" twice in a row. The radio version, it's hard to decipher if it's an ode of girls in videos, or the high price of being trying to love a rap dude, or about being a rich dick (or whatever)--but the dirty version makes it totally clear, and The Game sounds like he lifted his lines from an abusive drunk stepdad in a Lifetime TV Movie Event--because "If you could keep your legs closed" is usually the sort of thing that a scenary chewing character actor says right before he slaps a teenage girl. Go steal the song and listen to it all the way through the end-narration and see if your humanity doesn't shrivel a bit. Obviously, The Game is a real no talent knuckle dragging mysogynist who is probably mad that the dancers in the Busta Rhymes video have more of a career than he has at this point, and to that end, there is an argument for not taking what he does seriously or even validating it with attention. For me, though, there is no "just" prefacing pop music, you have remember what it is actually all about, whether it's sex dinosaurs or hating women.

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