June 16, 2007


I don't talk about it much, but my number two concern most days is tending to my plants. I hedged a hopeful bet and planted special indoor-growing tomatoes, and I obsessively move them around the house to follow the sun and squirt them with a "tea" made of worm poop and look at them and think please please please let me grow what I want. And look what I woke up to yesterday: overnight baby roma tomatoes coming out of the blossoms.
Expect a miracle!
We took a day trip to the B'hai Temple up in Wilmette yesterday. I made us a pie and a special CD of No Age, Mika Miko, Sads and BARR for the ride. After the time in the temple garden we went to the fancy suburban beach that apparently you need a pass to tread upon. The gate keeper kid shirtless with hot pink skin and a lip fulla chaw asked us "Are you guys together, like, on a date?" and JR shot back "Is it part of your job to ask invasive questions?" and the dude felt like such a shit he let us in for free. I think he was probably intimidated because JR looks like he might be in the coolest band ever. Or maybe he thought he could fuck with us cos we were dirty, thirty and not wearing neon surf shorts or tankinis. We walked, as only best friends can, amongst throngs of born well white teens drying off 'tween trips out on the lake on their parents Hobie Cats. Pec'd out varsity bros walked in packs, splitting us, on perma-assumed right of way, as we waded with our shoes in our hands along the high school hallways at The Three Dollar Beach of The Chosen People.

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